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  • Age requirement:
    For groups A, B, and C drivers’ minimum age of the driver must be 21 years of age. For any other vehicle group, drivers’ minimum age must be 23.
  • Driving license:
    A valid driving license held for at least one year is required from the driver. Driving licenses with Greek or Latin characters are acceptable.
  • Insurance–coverage:
    Prices include mixed safety (joint damage coverage) with the amount of exemption of 300 €. Unlimited mileage, VAT and local taxes, 100% coverage against theft and damages from, driver and passenger insurance, 100% coverage against natural disasters, immediate vehicle replacement in the event of breakdown or accident, 24-hour roadside assistance.The insurance does not cover the loss or destruction of the vehicle key.The insurance does not cover damages of the interior of the car because of improper use or done on purpose.
  • The renter is charged with the cost of the fuel.
  • The renter is charged with fines in case of infringements of the Road Traffic Code provisions
  • Free of charge:
    baby or children’s seat
  • With an extra charge:
    A) GPS 5 € per day
    B) 100% coverage with 10 € per day for groups A, B, C, D. in case of a convertible or MINI BUS the 100% coverage is charged with 15 € per day.
    C) If the vehicle is taken from and returned to the airport, there is an additional charge 10 Collection and delivery of the vehicle 20 € per rental.(Applicable only during opening hours. In case of after-hours, the extra charge depends on the time of taking and returning the vehicle)

Safety and Insurance

VAT and local taxes
Full insurance coverage
100% cover for theft and fire
Driver and passenger insurance
100% coverage for damage caused by natural causes
Immediate replacement of the car in case of breakdown or accident
24-hour road assistance
Unlimited kilometers

In order to confirm the payment, the client must pay as a deposit 20% of the total amount. The balance is paid upon delivery of the car by credit card or cash.

We accept cancellations 10 days prior to your booking date and then the entire deposit is refunded.
The deposit is not refunded if cancellation occurs within the last 10 days.


All our motorbikes are insured against liability to third parties

A valid driving license for motorbike or motorcycle.

For 50cc motorbikes drivers’ minimum age must be 18 years. For motorbikes that are more than 50cc drivers’ minimum age must be 21.

Drivers should have a driving license of E.U., which is valid according to the legislation in force IN the E.U. member state where the driving license was issued.

A driving license issued in a noN E.U. member state should be stamped or translated for the groups A, A1, A2, AM

We provide helmets for every rental, but renters are responsible for using them.

As soon as we receive your booking request:
We will check availability and if the car of your choice is available for these dates, you will receive a message and you can continue with the booking. If you do not receive a message within 24 hours, this means that your reservation is not acceptable.

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